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    bubsy the bobcat -geniesis,snes

    one weekend when i was about 12 or 13 i went to a friend's house for a sleep over. through out the day we had a blast,' till it was time for bed. a few hours into darkness i could not sleep. tossing and turning i get up to turn on the tv in my friend's room, grabbed the genesis controller and began looking at all the games my friend had ranging from Acro"bat", Greendog to x-men.but for some reason i had to pick bubsy the bobcat,so i put it in and the moment i started playing it was if i was imagining bubsy leapping out of the tv kicking a ball of yarn straight to my john couger " my head peice" and screaming out" ha ha you're playing me you little b**ch,call me daddy when you play me or i'm scratch yo eyes out player ". i said no and he continued visually maul my eyes,till finally i said no daddy,i mean bubsy this ends now,i turn off bubsy most expiditously and put in Streets of Rage 2 then Axel,max,skate and blaze kicked bubsy ass... who's daddy now bubsy little b**ch!!!!!!!!!!
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    There is a thread for game hate


    I enjoyed Busby granted it wasnt the best game ever (isnt even in the top 10 best mega drive platformers) but I did get to the end
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