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    Kart Fighter: For NES

    First off, I found this site that has all these NES games on a emulator called <Site name removed>, and it's awesome because it's ONLINE free without any downloads.
    Second off, I found this Mario Fighting game called "Kart Fighter". It's one of those fighting 2D games where it's like, ONE screen and the health bars on top with the names underneath. Classic! It looks Japanese, but it's in English :\
    Like, Yoshi is Yossy. A koopa troopa is NokoNoko.. But the first screen of the game is in English... As in : "Start" and "Options". Mario is Mari, Bowser is Koopa, Donkey Kong is... DONKEY :P
    <Links removed as they are not allowed>
    So odd.. I LOVE IT. Rep meee

    Yeah, I didn't know it wasnt allowed :/ sooo... NVM
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    EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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