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    stolen any memorabilia?

    I'm curious, was there any Nintendo memorabilia that you wanted so much, that you stole It can be very small too. When Mega Man 2 was released for N.E.S in 88' or sometime, I rented the game from Mr Movies, the owner of that movie/game rental place was named Keith and some kid rented MM 2, returned it, and I wanted to rent that game, inside the clear box was a code for Dr. Wily I looked at it "Whats this, a password for dr wily" so I took it, kept that all these years, Keith didn't notice or probably cared. too bad I didn't date it and sign it. The kid wrote "the passwords to the final boards of Mega man II Hint-different weapons destroy different ending men for ex. (MetalMan use M weapon against him) I was a cheater as a kid and thought teen years.

    stolen any memorabilia?-picture-246.jpg

    I'm only wondering if any of you took anything.
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    No never stole any merchendise that I no of
    "NY State of Mind"

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