I shall start with a fable from the days of yore (before everybody had the internet)
DOOM was a very good hoax that was on a online hosting site called "Geocites" this place is no more (Thanks Yahoo)
This has been backed up as it was just too good

The response to it at the time was outstanding, sadly such a thing is beyond the 2600s power (ok Spectrums bizarrely, Just google "DOOM spectrum" and you will see)

But some sod is porting a game that is DOOM, in name only
This is a graphical hack of Berzerk I'm working on, turning it into Doom 1.
You are Doom Guy, who has too clear out an underground bunker filled with demonic beings on Mars.

I'm still working on the sprites, haven't decided what kind of enemies too use yet, at the moment I'm trying out the Demon, and Evil Otto has been replaced with Cacodemon.
What do you think of the sprites so far?

For the record, Berzerk is a bloody fine game and the 2600 port is favorable