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    DuckTails comes out on the NES (Again)

    After what must of been 20 years DuckTails gets a re-release

    s someone who writes about games for a living, developers and publishers send me a lot of game-related swag to get me to pay attention to some title. The examples range from the interesting to the obscene (remind me to tell you about the Planetside 2 diaper sometime). But at this point in my career, these freebies barely faze me anymore. Usually, I quickly put them aside in the corner to await the Child's Play charity swag giveaway we run every year.The package I got from Capcom this week grabbed my attention though. Packaged inside a decently cool metal lunchbox was a golden NES cartridge, both of which were emblazoned with the official art from the upcoming DuckTales Remastered. Amidst some shredded dollar bills in the box was a Certificate of Authenticity identifying it as one of only 150 copies. There were a few other cute, retro-inspired touches: a coupon for "green cheese of longevity," a flier advertising "upcoming" Capcom games like Mega Man 3, and a fake ad for a music album packed with duck-themed puns.
    I heard Capcom PR did something similar when Mega Man 9 came out, sending members of the press a non-functional cartridge shell in an authentic box. So at first I figured that this cartridge was similarly a stylish art piece in the style of the NES carts of old. When I looked on the underside of the cartridge though, I noticed a set of surprisingly real looking contacts protruding out.
    I wondered: did Capcom actually send a working NES cartridge to promote their game? There was only one way to find out. I stuck the cartridge in the top-loading system sitting to the side of my work desk.

    If you ask me its kinda awesome

    Did I ever mention the time I annoyed some people with the DuckTails theme?

    Working at an event.
    Not meany NES games out.
    Spy DuckTails
    Put it on
    Somebody on main desk walks in and says to "Turn it off" as people are humming the tune and its getting annoying.

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