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    Wii Chat Event Matches!

    This thread is here for us to create our own event match list, similar to the ones already in Super Smash Bros. Melee!

    For the time being, the event matches you come up with will be for Melee, but once Brawl comes out, you can start making ones for it!

    My Example:

    Difficulty: Very hard
    Name: World Domination!
    Description: A group of Jigglypuffs have decided to take over the world, and you're the only one who can stop them!

    Stock-3 lives
    Stage-Final Destination
    Player 1: Team blue, character of your choice
    Player 2: Team red, Jigglypuff, level 9 cp
    Player 3: Team red, Jigglypuff, level 9 cp
    Player 4: Team red, Jigglypuff, level 9 cp
    Items: All on, frequency: medium

    Additional settings
    Friendly Fire: On

    So, for your event match, try to have it in a similar way to mine, to make it clear what the exact settings are. Try to be creative! I know mine isn't that great, so try for better! Post your challenges, and I'll add them to the list below (They're in spoilers to decrease the length of the list, as it may get long, with more submissions)
    Oh, and difficulty levels are: very easy/ easy/ normal/ hard/ very hard/ crazy

    The list


    1. Submitted by JT.
    Spoiler Alert!

    2. –


    1. Submitted by balrogs.pa
    Spoiler Alert!
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    Difficulty: Normal

    Woman with Attitude.

    Not all women are weak. you should see these lady's. GR-Ow..
    Stock: 5
    Players: Zelda, Samus, Peach Team blue

    Player Red: Your choice
    Friendly fire: Off
    Special Brawl: On, Gravity: low
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    People i respect on this forum: Atomic,Santa Claws,Frogger,Cyan,Levesque, Balrogs.pain, Shoko, MushroomedMario, sremick
    I make my avatars/signatures!

    Spoiler Alert!

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