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    ooh i got a name with only sony games cooper (as in sly cooper), Crash (as in crash bandicoot) , sisters (copy), ball (the thing sony curls up into when nintendo beats em' in the console wars) (cooper crash sisters ball)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Extra Life Mushroom
    Well if mega man doesn't make it it's a loss, he had some potential for greatness on Brawl if done properly.

    And Sorabrawl I notice every time someone mentions another 3rd party candidate other than your precious Sora you are quick to take offense and bash that character, trying to debunk any theory as to why they deserve to be in the game. It really shows your maturity here...

    "one word
    that's great news" expressing joy when they say he's most likely not gonna make it? I guarantee you've played and enjoyed at least one Mega man game in your lifetime. And to spite me your probably gonna lie and say no but i'm sure you have.

    Then when someone mentions Bomberman. A character we haven;t seen in some time. You're response is:

    "I just think Bomberman would be boring
    Any other third party characters that could make the chop"

    Well Ice climbers went pretty well, they were from a platformer why the sudden distaste for characters from non combative games?

    oh wait..I know why... "Any other third party characters that could make the chop"...you couldn't be referring to *gasp* Sora could you?

    Your so close minded about sora being in the game that you attack ay other potential 3rd party candidate whilst either directly or indirectly making references as to how sora needs to be in before they do.

    Sorry kid, it's not going to happen. Best wait for sony's Smash Bros. Knock-off (which we all know is coming since they try and steal anything that makes nintendo any success: motion control, rumble feature, I bet Smash Bros. will be next on their list)
    sorry i was a bit out of order i just think the retro characters aren't that good. I think Rayman might make it because it sold very well and it's one of the wii's top selling games. I have played Megaman before and it was OK but his moveset is too similar to Samus'. Nintendo could put better third party characters into brawl. To be honest I don't think Sora stands a chance to be on brawl either. And was Mr Game and Watch really (a retro character) that good?

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