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    Possible Spectator Glitch

    Hey guys I heard rumors that people have been unlocking Sonic after one Classic MOde runthrew, but the downside of this is that you lose Spectator mode, on the Wi-Fi menu. I can't confirm this rumor wholey however I got Sonic the 10 Classic Mode Completions way and now I don't seem to have a Spectator mode in my "With Anyone" menu, it should be noted that I haven't completed a With Anyone or Friend Wi-Fi match because of lag. Anyone else having a similar problem? It's a real bummer not having this and I heard the only solution is STARTING OVER! Now I've only been playing a day but that would be the true bummer... So I'll say it one more time... Anyone else not have Spectator mode? How did you unlock Sonic [If you've unlokced him]?
    Any reasons for this? Do I have to unlock Spectator mode?
    Answers please!
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    I posted in another thread about this, but I never ever had Spectator Mode to begin with (or the Options button on the main WFC screen). But then I played it on my brother's Wii and he had it.

    I read that deleting all your data was a fix, and luckily I hadn't gotten far or unlocked anyone hard so I did that, and now it works.

    In that same thread someone said they called Nintendo and they should be releasing a patch in the next few weeks to fix it, if you don't want to delete your data.

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