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    I've seemed to fix my online problems or Nintendo fixed?

    I went to my wireless settings by going to my ipaddress and I changed the channel from 6 to 11. It's said that channels 1 and 11 are the best because they have less interference? I did this and my brother has been playing brawl online vs anyone for the last hour and a half. Still there are some lag problems, mainly delay but it's still able to get games with no problem now.

    Unless of course I didn't fix anything and it was all Nintendo's recent doing?
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    In the USA, the common channels are 1, 6, and 11. The router I set up last night defaulted to channel 6 but I've seen defaults to the others as well.

    The best way to determine interference is to do a site survey and pick the least-used channel. This is what I do for customers. Sometimes all 3 have numerous other APs on them and interference and crappy reception can't be avoided. Such is life.

    If your wifi spectrum is too crowded you should skip wifi altogether and go with the USB LAN adapter and run a network cable.
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