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Thread: New brawl idea

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    New brawl idea

    I dont know this just came to my head but i thought about a game to start here....ok heres the rules since there is really no way to tell who is top in the site i am suggesting we make a Challenge set up page. Ok so im going to start i think im good so i post in this thread and say Am looking for an opponent. Thats when whoever gets the to the post first gets the fight. We add each other on brawl for a 5 stock just smash ball brawl no other weapons. Then after the battle: Say if i win then i get back on here and put that i won the battle and i still get to be the one who gets challenged while the loser has to wait 3 days before they can rechallenge me. Anyone else can challenge me though and the battles will keep comming till i lose but remeber its first come only. You cannot challenge any one else in the thread just the leader. If i lose the battle then i lose title as best in wii chat and cant challenge the new leader for a week. I know its kind of lame but i thought it would be fun tell me what you guys think before i make the official thread.... ^_^ lots of critics would be nice and if you have some input dont hesitate to ask me to add in.
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    Sorry but for now your going to have to use the setup we have going, so either use the SSBB Friend Code thread or the Brawl Match Finder section. Tournaments I am sure will happen at a later date.

    Also feel free to make suggestions for the forum here:

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