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    Quote Originally Posted by jason416
    specially sonic. Sonic was random. Poped out of no where and tries to stop tabuuu. lol
    That was because Sonic was added when the SSE was near finished. That's why all Nintendo could do was to just make him pop out of nowhere. If you noticed, Sonic only has one scene throughout the entire game...
    If you want to add me in Brawl, PM me that you're going to (and include your brawl name and friend code). Also, PM me if you delete me, so I can delete your name, too. I need space, ya know.
    FC: 2707-1312-0571
    For anyone who added me in Brawl and deleted me because it still said "Awaiting Registration", please re-add me. It just means we both haven't been online at the same time.

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    I love brawl.
    I only bought the wii for brawl (and to play with my gf), not in that order
    Everything else is just bonus for me.
    So all you west coast/pacific time zone heads and if the lag isn't too bad for all others, holla at me.
    SSBB S/N: Tones
    SSBB FC: 4167 4186 7828
    Location: California/Pacific Time

    Just PM if you add, and i'll do the same.

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