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    so i was playing with two other friends as kirby and while the smash orb
    was flying my kirby relesed a metriod assist trophy and it attacked meta
    knight. The while he was suffering i used my FS and the other two fighters and the metroid were sucked into the cooking pot. Then, i noteced another cpu sign moving in the pot. When the pot shot out the other players it also shot out the AT, killing it. So, because of that glitch, i won by 1 point but as i counted the character signs saying who i KOed they didn't add up to my score.

    Did anyone else get a similar glitch like mine? If so, can it damage the game?!?

    EDIT: Now it happend again with charizard only this time instead of being killed it came out as an unopened at and when i broke it it came out again.

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