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Thread: Nobody Online?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sagema
    Ok there are three major problems with Brawl. First is the friends list. You need 800-1200 people on your list to garauntee you have 4 people to play against at all times. 64 people is too small of a list, and you'll find yourself playing the same 3-4 friends almost every time.
    Agreed. I know it sounds like a lot to some people, but 64 friends is way too small. This is why I ignore friend requests from people who've just joined this site.

    I never add friend codes.

    Quote Originally Posted by AndThen?
    @ROB64 - The longer you spend on this forum, the more you realise that Napalmbrain knows a lot about everything.

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    lets ask them to make an update

    I know the online portion sucks, it keeps saying i have lost connection after two or three battles or so, and kicks me out. but how about this, we start a facebook page or something else that will get nintendo's attention and get them to update brawl, maybe add some new characters, more friend slots, more pieces for the level editor, better backgrounds for the level editor, more music, more character colors, more stages, more stickers, more trophies and an improved online gaming system, with chat, rooms, and such things like that. that away you can tell who youre brawling with and what is going on, and maybe even improve your friend list.

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