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    Faux Finder & Friend Finder?

    Been a while since I've been here, but I recently got back into smash and discovered the greatest thing ever...realtime friend finders for brawl! I know smash world has one, but that always seems to be down. I found another one that has worked pretty well for me and I've actually gotten a quality night of online gaming in with some great peeps. This is what I've been looking for with Brawl. Especially being that I'm married, in my 30's and don't have too many friends into gaming anymore. I highly recommend this for gamers like me who enjoy Brawl.

    In search of serious Midwest Brawlers! Wii Code and Name in Sig!

    Brawl Name: TecDJ
    Brawl Friend Code: 5284-1076-1637

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