First of all, want to say Hello from Florida!

We're hosting this brawl tournament on Sunday and wanna let everyone know what's going on.
We'll be live streaming coverage all day.
Our goal is to make this the MOST ENTERTAINING LIVE BRAWL EVENT to watch evar!

Matches all day long.
Live music requests.
Cutaway shots of the players.
Live video interviews
Prizes for our online viewers - (FREE IPOD at some point during the stream)
And who knows what else???

Arm wrestling contests?
Epic Pingpong Duels?
All kinds of possibilities...let us know what you want to see.

(Ok I'll try not to go off focus too much from the actual matches)

Florida's top ranking brawlers will be there so you can see how they've been playing lately. Seibrik, CO18, RedHalberd, AfroThunder, HRNut, GDX, ect...

Live Stream coverage will be on RX Gaming.
The stream will start at 11:45 AM Sunday and go until the tournament ends

Also FYI: Here's the original tournament thread.

So if you're looking for something other than football to watch this Sunday, check it out.

*Mods: Since this is more about the live stream event than the tournament itself, I figure it belongs under general discussion...otherwise move it elsewhere if necessary