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Ok, so I was in a regular brawl as a yellow kirby and there was only one other person there, and they were a Jigglypuff.

Our stage? It ended up being the batting area! Like, where you try to get the sandbag as far as you possibly can? Yeah. So of course, no one died since it's an endless area. The two CPU's were a Charizard and a King Dedede. Anyways, so there was a match at the end since we were all equal, and no one died then either.

And, bombs only fell on the underside of the left side of the batting stand.
It was really stupid, so I ended up "dropping out" or whatever since it had gone on for a good 10 minutes, though I'm mad since I didn't get to save it.

Anyways... has this ever happened before?
I've gotten the chance to play in that stage, is fun. It's fun when you can just hang out during brawl.

And P.S. You better watch out playing Yellow Kirby if you ever see me, that's my favorite character mode ;-)