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    "You Know What? Bucket."- A G&W Highlights Video

    Hey guys! I'm here to share my new highlight video with you all. This is my forth one, but by far my most successful one. "Divinatory Influence", "We Want Kong", and "Ragnell Rising" were all entertaining in the editing and music departments, but the actual content itself was admittedly lacking. I have drastically improved my skill over the last year or so, and this video aims to showcase that while keeping my tradition of strong editing and powerful musical syncing throughout the video. I think the music syncs in "Bucket" are far and away the best I've done to date.

    Almost all the footage from this video was recorded at Metal Music Man's apartment, where most of the best players in the St. Louis area meet for weekly matches. Content includes a good mix of singles, doubles, and one or two FFA's for the lulz. While entertainment is always my first priority with my highlight videos, this one definitely shows off some technical skill, as well. Bear in mind that I am a very viral, mental player, so a majority of this footage will demonstrate mindgames, reads, and general trolling as opposed to perfect spacing and frame traps. Enjoy!


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    I got bored after 2:30. Nothing against you, but I personally feel the video is too long. 10 minutes straight is hard to watch, of basically the same thing. It seems as though you're doing what is suppose to be done with G&W to be good, but nothing that shows you're better than "good"

    I hope that's not insulting, just some constructive criticism for you to think about.

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    I feel like half of what goes on in this forum involves people arguing about fish.
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    We're gay gangbangers, not metrosexual hipsters.

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    i seen better man...

    I've returned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SMASH KING View Post
    i seen better man...
    Haven't we all?

    That's god-awful criticism, Sking. =P Not every up and coming player can be M2K, or part of the epicness that is GaSM (their combo videos are ****ing delicious, man...).
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