ther00ster has created a new social group called "Umbrella Corporation.", with the following description:

The clans name is umbrella corporation.
at least level 30 in multiplayer.
your top zombie round must be level 35 or higher.
Must have head banger headset.
Must be at least 13 years of age.(mainly so we dont have whiny 9yr olds.)

those are all of the requirements.
our clan tag is {UC} u has to be white and the c has to be red.

No fights between clan members removal from clan will be the follow up.

hackers are allowed to join as long as i know about it.
each and every clan member must follow umbrella CO. strategy guide & know all of the glitches.

~~~~~~~~~Glitches (Known ones)~~~~~~~~~~
multiple weapons glitch:
when you have 2 weapons on hand go to buy another but then when you buy hold the grenade button and the buy button in a the same time in order to aqquire another weapon.
in lvl 1 shoot below waist 6 times then knife more points are then achieved.
every level after that use a clip then knife untill dead.
open door at lvl 5 and take turns opening each and every door untill all doors are opened.
once you are in the theatre first priority buy a juggernog.
and the rest is up to you.(reccomended strategy)
if you have any questions,comments or concerns please pm or message me.
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