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    SPM-arcade-top high scores

    hey SPM owners! havn't seen this on the forum yet so i decided to make a thread about it. here are the rules: post your name (you can post your real name if you want too), the score you got, and which of the 4 minigames it was in. (also you can include which level it was in if you want.) if you lie about your score/record I will not post your high score in the top 10, 20, or 30 top scores. have fun posting your top scores/acheivments!, here is my top score for the arcade-

    dark samus-boos mansion-0,882,460

    dark samus-acheivments-gotten all pixls(including tiptron), beaten flipside pit of 100trails once, and flopside pit of 100 trials twice, all recipes found, earned over 7000flipside tokens, 105hp - 40 attack (with mario card). all treasures on maps found. and more can't remember the rest, lol.)

    other scores you can post: how much recipes, cards, maps, flipside tokens, items, or rarities you have collected, cooked, collected, obtained, earned or found. you can post them here.
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