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    LED Prosthetic Eye


    Via New scientist
    Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence damaged his right eye in a childhood accident and was later given a prosthetic replacement. Like any other false eye, it was designed to be purely an aesthetic replacement, but he realised that the vacant bit of face real estate could be put to better use in his art.
    Now Spence is attempting to build a wireless video camera into his synthetic eye, turning himself into a self-proclaimed "Eyeborg".
    The camera will record anything and anyone that enters Spence's field of vision and relay the footage back to a computer. That video will provide a unique perspective on the way video surveillance is becoming more popular in western societies, he told New Scientist.
    This week, Spence and engineer Kosta Grammatis have succeeded in placing a working red LED in Spence's eye (see image, above right), giving him a look not dissimilar from Arnold Schwarzenegger's cyborg in The Terminator.
    Although this is a diversion from the main goal, it is the first time the team has fitted a working electronic device, complete with power source, into the eye socket, says Spence.
    An LED may even be fitted alongside the camera in the final Eyeborg prosthetic if the battery can spare enough power, he adds. Apart from the aesthetic value, it could provide lighting in dark conditions.
    I feel the need to lose a eye
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkprinny View Post
    How could you not? lol

    I just want to hear the update on that research they were doing on prosthetic eyes in which they would wire a small camera embedded in the prosthetic to the portions of the brain responsible for receiving and processing images. The would then theoretically be able to send the proper signals to the brain to allow the person to "see" what the camera is seeing.

    Imagine when that technology is perfected and becomes commercial. In the same way that we have colored eye contact lenses for fashion, there could be places that would program the eye for you to allow you to see in a variety of ways. Imagine having an eye programmed to allow you to actually see what the terminator sees, with everything being analyzed and reported in real time. Or to have heat vision like the predator, or give everything a matrix code outline like Neo.

    Those with their original organic eyes would envy those without them. I know I would!

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