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    need help with mother

    i need help with my motherboard it an ECS G41T-M5 but it only have has one IDE slot and my Hdd uses it but i also need it fro my cd-rom, i can hook the two together but for some reason windows xp won't start! so now i'm stuck with only an HDD and no cd-rom which i need to play games.......

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    Is it that game with ness? If it is, I have no idea.

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    Did you change the bios? You should have the HDD as master then the cd as slave. So you have one ribbon with master to the HDD and slave to cd. Be sure to plug an electrical to cd also.
    Make sure the jumpers on the HDD are set correctly.


    Without knowing the specs I can only guess so post your OS XP PRO, Vista ?
    What is the maker of Hard drive size etc. Does it boot up? or nothing happens at all?
    If this is a new motherboard use the cd that came with it if you can get it to boot.
    If you get nothing at all somethings not plugged in correctly or the power is not plugged in, cable is in backwards etc.

    In the meantime if you KNOW you have an IDE HD and it works fine before adding the cd rom start over here.

    The cable connecting the Hard drive has a blue connector, black connector and in the middle a grey or white connector.
    The black goes to the hard drive, the grey to the cd rom, then lastly the blue to the motherboard.
    This makes the HD the master. Be sure to match the pins correctly.
    Then a 4 pin connector from power to the HD and another 4 pin to the cd rom.

    Depending on the maker of the hard drive.. on the bottom of the Hd set the jumpers to Master or cable select.

    Power it on
    If it comes on Use the cd that came with it to install. (if not ..check that you plugged the connectors in the right direction, cable may be bad etc).

    If you dont have the cd.. Power it on. Enter setup. Heres how:

    Entering the Setup Utility
    When you power on the system, BIOS enters the Power-On Self Test (POST)
    routines. POST is a series of built-in diagnostics performed by the BIOS. After the
    POST routines are completed, the following message appears:
    Press DEL to enter SETUP.

    If you get an error. hit F9.

    Either way go to Standard CMOS setup. It will look like:

    Primary IDE Master: Auto or your HD name
    Primary IDE Slave: Auto OR CD rom name
    SATA1: Hard Disk Not Detected
    SATA: Not Detected
    IDE BusMaster Enabled

    If not change it.

    Hit F10 then yes or enter.

    This should do it if everything works ie: cables are good etc.

    If you have Sata Not IDE this wont work.
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    tried changing the bios but i couldn't see the option

    this is my motherboard

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