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    Burning region 2 DVD's in region 4 DVD burner

    right, well i've just imported a car from Japan, this car has a aftermarket DVD player installed ( saves me having to install one), and since the car is from japan, the DVD player is region 2

    Now in my computer i've got 2 DVD players/burners, both of them were origianlly region 4 from factory ( Australian region code), but i have changed one of the drives to play region 2 DVD's through the device manager in Windows ( so i can watch Japanese DVD's)

    my question is, since that DVD player is set to region 2, can it also burn region 2 DVD's? or will it still burn them in region 4 code?

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    Most DVD burning utilities burn in region 0 (non-region coded), so your region code settings won't make a difference.
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