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Ah just did some wikipedia searching, there was a CED-ROM attachment version of it, first one in North America apparently. See how ahead of it's time this bad boy was? Too bad though.

There was a CD-ROM attatchment, came out a bit before the Sega CD ever materialized.

Though it was quite expencive, $400 USD.

Then came the Turbo Duo that replaced it, a one-unit combination game system for HuCards (Turbo Chips) and as well played SCD's (SuperCD's).

Turbo Duo was $300.

In Japan to combat the SNES NEC released the Super Grafx, which had better specifications and more special effects possible.

Turned out the old reliable PC Engine (TG16 in Japan) was more than capable of holding ground against the SNES, so discontinued the Super Grafx.