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    Talking of Retro...

    Talking of games wii'd like to see on the Virtual Console, I'd really love to see any or all of these again:

    • AfterBurner
    • Alien 3
    • CoolSpot
    • Earthwork jim (1 or 2)
    • MicroMachines (any)
    • PacMan (any)
    • PaperBoy (any)
    • Pitfall
    • Tazmania
    • Taz in Escape From Mars
    • The Simpsons (any or all)
    • Wonderboy (any)
    • Zool

    Does it show that I had a MegaDrive?

    I had a bit of time finding a list of games for any retro consoles, but eventually found a Sega MegaDrive list and a SNES list. Dunno if I can post the links here... but you should start with Google and Wikipedia, it's where I eventually found two lists. I bet half the games you had and had forgotten about will jump out at you when you finally see a full list. I'd forgotten half of the games I had, and probably more that I can't remember!
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    On VC: Sonic, Columns, GoldenAxe, SpaceHarrier II.

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    I wanna get star tropics that game was the shit

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