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    OTT is out soon
    Spoiler Alert!
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    First Gradius rocks I just downloaded it! My sister and I wasted hours on that when she got a NES, but I would love to see some Mario Kart and Star Fox. Mario Kart is likely, since it's on the list of Japanese releases for this month, but that doesn't mean anyone else will get it.

    But what I want most of all are the original Super Smash and GoldenEye with online. Maybe even some Wii targeting for GoldenEye. Super Smash is totally possible, but there are problems for trying to get GoldenEye or its clone Perfect Dark (it's a clone but I love it almost as much, Golden Magnum with 6 shots YAY!). The problem is Rare. They own the rights to both GoldenEye and Perfect Dark and as far as I know have a contract with Microsoft. So Nintendo would have to pay some money for the rights or jump through a few hoops to get them on the VC, but hopefully Nintendo will find a way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by North99
    I see two new games listed on my shop channel. Two games that to me, are crap. I hate both of them.

    I want to kick Nintendo's marketing guy in the balls.

    Thats right, in the balls.

    If its a shemarketingperson i'll rip off her melons. And feed it to a pig.
    I agree to the point that they are crappy games (I barely ever heard of them), but

    1. Discuss the games in your first post

    2. Harm to a human being because of them not releasing a game you want is messed up, and be honest, you know you aren't really going to do that, I mean, if you really would, that's retarded

    3. I am quite upset they don't have many good games up either, but you don't see me ranting about it, I take it like a man and wait till the next monday comes around, who know what games they will add then, it's like --insert your religious winter holiday here-- every monday

    A couple games i'm looking forward to are

    Space Station Silicon Valley
    Hey You Pikachu (if they ever figure out how to hook up a microphone, and less than $10)
    Mickey's Speedway USA
    Duke Nukem 64 (big fan of the Nukem series)
    Super Mario (whatever version that was ported to the Advance originally for the SNES)
    Hopefully some sort of gameshark or game genie emulator (I need cheats)
    -and some others I can't seem to think of right now

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