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    Kill Region Encoding?

    It's common info now that region encoding exists on the Wii. My question is, do you think that it should be removed to an extent, completely, or left alone? I realize that most English-speaking gamers can't read Japanese and vice versa, but what about partial-region encoding? What I'm saying is, when you select V.C. Channel you are taken to your regions downloadable games, but also having the option of downloading games from Japan on a seperate page?

    Like this:

    Virtual Console Channel>>Downloadable Games (for your region)>>Other Regions' Downloadable Games>>Japan, Europe, Americas, etc.

    This way those who want games from the other side of the world can finally get them, and it also avoids confusion for casual gamers.
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    that's just not legal for licensing purposes
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    Wish they would do that, but unfortunately it's unlikely to happen. And sadly it probably means that if a particular game never came out in a certain region, it won't appear on that region's VC either.

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