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    Jurassic Park for Sega CD!!! It wasn't PERFECT but I still loved it.
    The SNES and Genesis versions would be nice, too. None of the sequels were that great, but I'd still buy those. But JP for Genesis is 2nd only to TMNT IV for SNES for games I want most on VC. If Sega CD games came up, Jurassic Park would top the list.

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    I think Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Darkside, was the best Sega CD game.

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    The only thing about putting Sega CD games on the Wii is that many of them used CD audio for the game music. That would either need resynthesized as your typical 16-bit music, or they simply wouldn't release it.

    Sonic CD if I remember correctly is a few hundred megs, because of the music.

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