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    You should get it, no hesitation, it is a fantastic game that will keep you hooked for ages. It may seem expensive, but it is worth it.

    I myself haven't bought it, because I've only recently completed the DS version and my N64 is in perfect working order, however you are the prime candidate. It really is a fantastic game and a bit of history which everyone should experience in full.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix07
    I'd recommend everyone NOT to download mario 64 if you have something important to do. I've been studying hard for an exam on Thursday and I downloaded this and spent 3 hours playing it Before I realised how much time had passed.


    Easily best VC game, beats sonic hands down (and I have that also).
    Know the feeling. I have exams next week, but all I'm doing at the moment is playing Mario Sunshine and visiting sites like this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by elmo_999
    i say get both since you have quite a few points. i have mario 64 ds so i dont need to get it on vc. also get ice hockey for nes SOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!
    Super Mario 64 on the ds sucked for me. The controls were horrible. I suggest getting it on Wii.

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