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I personally dont think they ever got the handling right on any of the later Mario karts, it just doesnt feel like im in control of the kart half the time. That and I found a lot of the tracks quite boring on the N64 one.

I also think the SNES one was more rewarding when you got good at it. I pretty much won all the cups in the first day I had MK64 originally without really doing all that much good driving. Whereas it was incredibly difficult (near impossible) to win the star cup on 150cc unless you learnt how to corner properly in the original.

Whilst at uni we had a SNES and an N64 in the house with both versions of Mario Kart and the SNES one was pretty much always the one we played. Mainly because we all knew it was far more fun to play than the N64 one.

Saying that MK64 is a good game I just didnt find it anywhere near as playable or entertaining as the original. Now for a really outrageous claim as I actually enjoyed Diddy Kong racing far more than MK64 when I had my N64 .

Edit - Wow that was a much longer reply than I was expecting to write .
Yeah I liked the SNES one more than n64 version for some reason too. The gamecube one is my favorite though. I think they got the racing part down in double dash, its some of the most fun I've ever had karting. I really loved Diddy Kong Racing too. Played it a lot more than mario kart 64.