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Thread: Donkey Kong 64?

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    Donkey Kong 64?

    Does anybody know whether this is likely to be released on VC? The reason im asking is because all this truble between Rare and Nintendo. I know Donkey Kong is a nintendo copyrighted character but this game was produced by rare, does anybody know any details about whether it is likely to feature on VC. The other reason i was thinking about it is because it required an expansion pack, im not entirely sure what this did, but could this cause problems with it being on VC?

    Its just i never got to finish the game and i really wanna give it another go :$

    So im just hoping its coming to VC soon. Anybody else feel the same?
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    same haha, it was my favorite game too, but i never got to finish it, i always ****ed up the old donkey king arcade part so i never got the golden banana, i was so close to beating it when my old dog bit the hell outta my n64 wires and some people say it wont come to the vc, but im sure it would, just keep yer fingers crossed

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    It'll probably end up on the VC eventually. After all, Donkey Kong Country is on there already. As for the expansion pack- it was just a device to increase the memory space available for certain games to use. I wouldn't worry about it, the Wii has much more memory than the N64 had.

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