I downloaded Moto Roader two weeks ago on the day I got my Wii because Moto Roader 2 was my favorite game in the 90s when I had my PC-Engine. After playing Moto Roader on VC, I sincerely hope that Nintendo would bring Moto Roader 2 onto VC as well.

Moto Roader 2 is a much-improved version of Moto Roader. It features way-better customization possibilities, better controls, and excellent selections of tracks / worlds.

In addition to the race car with changable bodies, you get to choose between the race car, a more agile hovercraft (air-borne, so it is unaffected by land mines or holes of that sort), or a armored tank with more weapon carrying abilities.

Moto Roader 2 is everything Moto Roader, but upgraded in every single aspect. I wouldn't mind paying 2000 points for it.