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    Yeah, I think he knew that mate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotspur Warrior
    Yeah, he's in it.

    My b.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterJedi2U
    You have no link and you don't even say where you heard it from. You're full of shit. At least I think you are and if you turn out to be right by some random luck of faith then kudos to you. NO ONE knows the VC schedule according to most people so stop trying to get attention. Another useless thread about the Virtual Console...starting to get REAL sick of em.
    Holy shit. I know you apologized and all but seriously, relax. I didn't bother putting a link at the time cuz I figured it'd been in another thread somewhere by then. The news was on every single site I'd been to between GameSpot, G4TV's main page, etc. etc. I've never lied on this board and I don't even try to. If I make guesses, I state pretty f'n clearly that it's just a guess. I'm always coming here putting any news I hear about future VC titles up and most of the time I've been right even if just making a guess. Lighten up a lot. That was extremely harsh when I didn't even deserve any of it. Just the idea of posting fake news on a possible VC game on a Wii messageboard to get attention is pretty damn pathetic. Why would I? Come on.
    Next time I find any news anybody would want me to share here, I won't bother if it'll just get me crucified. Sorry I tried.

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