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    Top five games of some of our favorite industry personalities

    I put this here because its about a Old Nintendo Game that is found on the VC.

    ^Read Full Article Here^

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo, 1991): "I don't think I even need to comment on this. Zelda is like the Star Wars of the video game world.

    [Picking one] is tricky - Ocarina of Time was really put together well. It was about as good as one could hope for when bringing Link into the third dimension. But I really think that Link to the Past was the best. It's far beyond the scope of this interview for me to lay out an analysis of why it's the best one! But it's a tough choice for any of us because the whole series has brought us so much joy and fun over the years.

    The 8-bit Legend of Zelda game on the original Nintendo Entertainment System was the first Zelda game I played. I don't know how many times I beat that game. I actually liked the second game, too.

    Zelda was really the first time that action game play was balanced with adventure and RPG elements. The RPG elements were super simplified and accessible - about collecting heart pieces and money - so for many people this was the first game they've ever played like that. The adventure elements were deep and meaningful. The dungeons had the right combination of skill tests and puzzles.

    So you had tons of people playing this because they bought into the promise and you had a huge percentage of them being really gratified by the result. The quality of the games are such that the experiences consistently exceed most of our expectations.

    So lots of us have played it and most of us love it. We can share that with each other. We can talk about what we love and what we hate and what we wished would happen and what we were amazed by."
    ^Read Full Article Here^
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