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    Star Fox 2 was cancelled by Nintendo, however the game was also completed. One of the staff members who worked on the game sold copies at Las Vegas(From what I heard), got busted, and some of those copies were ported online. You can actually find Star Fox 2 on Rom websites. After playing it, I can see why it got canned. I was told only 1,000 cartridge copies exist.

    The company Queen made Ogre Battle, went out of business after they completed the game. They managed to launch over 10,000 copies. To this day the SNES version is one of the hardest games to obtain. They later made a PS1 version which was an exact port(99%). I rented Ogre Battle from Block Buster. I would have bought it, but someone else had the same idea. I later got the PS1 version, no regrets. Atlus ended up hiring most of the former Queen staff, along with copyrights.
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