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    I can tell none of you are really fans of the series.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darkprinny
    Was he playable ?

    If not why cause a fuss

    Who cause about the story its not a rpg its about hitting people till they fall
    All I remeber is something about robots and the ending (just because of that pic of Blaze)
    Ash was supposed to be a boss and he was also playable

    The story in the US/UK version makes no sense.

    The main character colors are all screwed up in the US/UK version

    The US/UK version had MORE CLOTHES on the girls! If you want to see the girls more sexily dressed then I suggest you change your mind. That is of course unless you dont like girls. I guess you might like boys and thats okay with me. Don't feel ashamed about it because there is nothing wrong with liking boys. If you told me ahead of time that you like boys I would have never mentioned that the Japanese version of the game has the better female outfits. Im a boy and I wouldn't mind if you like me but I dont like boys the way you do and you can feel safe that we wont bother you for feeling that way.

    edit: http://soronline.classicgaming.games..._sor3vsbk3.htm
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    Who cares about what they where ?
    Axels t-shirt changes from white to yellow
    Some girls where more clothes (im to busy fightin them to care what they ware)
    As for the plot
    How meny on here can read Jap ?
    Same game
    Its a little thing called localization

    Blaze - 90s hotty (Hardly any hentai)

    The box art on the other hand
    Japan always had better 16bit box art
    Spoiler Alert!
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    [Sarcasm]The Japanese version had more sexily dressed 2D characters? For that reason alone, I want it.[/Sarcasm]

    Oh yeah, we got some awful box art.

    I never add friend codes.

    Quote Originally Posted by AndThen?
    @ROB64 - The longer you spend on this forum, the more you realise that Napalmbrain knows a lot about everything.

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