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    Quote Originally Posted by Koops23
    I agree. I actually prefer MM over Oot (although OoT is still fantastic by all means). I liked the darker tone and the time limit gave a nice spin on things. I also thought it was more detailed and the levels were more creative, as with OoT there was the water temple, the fire temple, etc. In MM they were themed but not particularly restricted as OoT.

    The transformation masks were also very cool. I thought that was a very nice addition and added more variety. Actually, the whole concept around the masks was pretty original. I love MM and would be overjoyed to see it on the VC. We all know it will be, so it's just a matter of time before it's released.
    THANK YOU. I agree, MM was better than OoT (IMO). OoT was amazing, yes, but not quite as (like you said) creative or detailed. Much more interesting than OoT which was (again, IMO) a more generic, but not totally generic "hero goes on adventure, saves princess, kills bad guy, story continues" type thing; I prefer Skullkid over Ganondorf anyways. ;|
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    Well, I have the zelda collection so I am not bothered about the zelda games, when I get my points I will probably wait a while maybe get -Zero of something of the sort

    OoT and MM were both great games, OoT was pretty amazing considering the timing of it's release, it was groundbreaking stuff were as MM got all the light stole off it by OoT, I personally prefer OoT but I do enjoy MM. . .

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