So what what would YOU like to see to download on the virtual console?
Name your top 5 for any systems.

Mine would be like this:

2.Final Fantasy 6
3.Kirby Super Star
4.Chrono Trigger
5.Super Mario RPG

1.Space Station Silicon Valley (That game needs a sequel)
2.Mischief Makers
3.Jet Force Gemeni
4.Goldeneye (imagine with online play!?)
5.Clay Fighter 63 1/3

also...SNK announced they would be releasing Neo Geo games during this summer I believe, and I for one, am a SNK fanboy.

Neo Geo
1.Waku Waku 7 (If you haven't played this game, look it up, its a blast)
2.Samurai Showdown series
3.Nightmare in the Dark
4.The Last Blade
5.Nightmare In the Dark