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    VC is the best thing since sliced toast!

    Some games, such as Mario 64 are improved over the original - graphic are more clear. I would have paid $40 just for that! I have about 20 VC games and only 1 Wii game (Super paper mario).

    Even if I spend five or ten bucks on a game and don't like it - hey no big deal. I spend about the same (or more) for lunch every day. A morning coffee from Starbucks can set me back $5 and last 15 min while Kirby's Adventure is much more enjoyable and lasts many hours!

    And this (and other forums) are great also! I've read so much about the anticipation of older SNES games such as Chrono trigger & Earthbound that I decided to buy an SNES and those two games from Amazon.

    The VC is sweet sweet sweet!!!
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