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    I beat Castlevania IV last night!!!

    Hey guys......I've always thought this game was THE SHITTTTT.......My friend owned it when I was in middle school, and I borrowed it for about a week, but I never defeated it....

    until now......what a great game. A great challenge. Id say almost the exact amount of difficulty as CV 1 and 3 (I thought 2 was easy with a guide or mag back then). I was playing this game maybe once a week for an hour.

    Graphics are pretty damned good on this game......nothing you havent seen before, but I would say as good as any for its time...

    play control is best of any CV game.....total control.

    The music is probably THE BEST for a game of its time and THEN SOME.....listening to all the music on this game, I cant help but realize how far superior the SNES was to the Genesis in that respect at least. One of my favorites is the piano music above the ball room when you jump from all the swinging chandeliers.........if any other systems of the day tried to make a piano voice, it would have sounded like a typical midi arcade blast........I hate that arcade bass sound sometimes.....except for on Double Dragon....(which has the bassiest midi garble i have ever heard, but is still somehow extremely awesome).

    I dont really know the point of this thread.....a tiny bit of bragging (not the hardest game on earth by any means)...and a big recomendation.

    anyone who claims ALL vc games suck, buy this and stfu.
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    Probably one of my favourite games ever.

    The music is what did it for us as kids.

    It's a sweet feeling when you beat Dracula.

    ****, I love the shit out of that game.

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