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    As many of the other posters said, it's technically for both. Here, I'll prove an example for you with certain games:

    Family-Friendly Games:

    -Rayman Raving Rabbids- A ton of (easy) mini games, with a cool storyline.

    -Rampage: Total Distruction- Easy to pick up game for the little ones, with a long comprehensive storyline.

    -Cars- Based on the movie, as well as it being an older game, kids will still enjoy the control scheme as well as the characters from the movie.

    -Excite Truck- An easy, but challenging and fun game with many unlockables.

    *-Madden- Cool way to handle passes and rushes, as well as catching those long passes.

    * means it may be a bit challenging for younger audiances, but it's for all ages.
    Older Gamers:

    Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess- A game that pretty much challenges your integrity and eyes with witty puzzles and cool dungeons.

    Red Steel- A game in which has a multiplayer killing spree, as well as wielding swords and guns.

    Call of Duty 3- The first War game for the Wii, in which it may not have multiplayer like other versions, but the control scheme makes up for it.

    *Need For Speed: Carbon- Need For Speed is for the older audiance, Cars is for the younger.

    Blitz: The League- A Football league with no rules, blood, drugs and sex...need I say more upon why it's not for the kids?

    Mortal Kombat Armageddon- Ported to the Wii, going to be one of the first mature rated fighting games.

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    [quote[This is what annoys me, people always link Ninty with "Kids console"[/quote]

    Like my brother. nintendos aren't a kiddie consoles, they're just not a lots-o-blood-and-gore-and-M-rate-games consoles
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