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    MSX comes to Japan VC

    Its nice to have another console
    But its another that I have yet to play on
    The two upcoming MSX titles Japan was getting, Eggy and Aleste, had a date of "2007, after fall" slapped on them around last summer. When 2008 came creeping around the corner they still weren't released though! They actually kept that date throughout the first two months of this year as well!
    The MSX was extremely popular in Japan - The Metal Gear franchise made it's debut on it. It never hit North America, but was popular in some European countries. Will it ever hit the European VC?
    Now they've finally gotten an actual date - Both should be hitting in May. That's a lot of new systems hitting VC lately - Neo Geo, Master System, now MSX, and soon enough, Commodore 64!
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    This could be interesting, as it leaves the door open for Metal Gear (the proper version, not the NES port) and its sequel.

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    I am tempted to say I would buy the hell out of Metal Gear for MSX, except for 2 things. First off, The graphics were better on NEs, and the MSX has the actual Metal Gear for a boss.......not that big of a difference......but oh yeah, I was excited to find out one of my favorite games from my childhood had a predecessor.

    2nd of all, what are the odds we get metal gear? We will get Donald Duck. (the one where you work sorting fruit on conveyor belts, and save up to build your playground with Huey, Duey, and Louie.)
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