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    Quote Originally Posted by CrowTRobot
    Bonk's Adventure is one of the worst games I've ever played.

    I couldn't believe it was the "flagship" title. I'll take Sonic or Mario.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Digitalldj
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    Quote Originally Posted by Conan the Librarian
    I wish LJN had an exclusive system.
    What's LJN?

    *checks Wikipedia*

    Oh dear god...

    Interesting factoid: according to Wikipedia, LJN was actually used by Acclaim to get around Nintendo's draconian limits on third-party games.

    I never add friend codes.

    Quote Originally Posted by AndThen?
    @ROB64 - The longer you spend on this forum, the more you realise that Napalmbrain knows a lot about everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Napalmbrain
    Interestingly, if we're going by their standards, that would make 26/49 = 53% of TG-16 games worthy of at least 4/5, while only 27/61 = 44% are that good on the NES. So the Turbografx is better?

    Not having played every NES and TG-16 game on there, I can't say if I'd agree, but personally I think Metroid deserved that 3/5. It's a decent game, but it feels quite dated nowadays, and the bland black backgrounds make it way too easy to get lost. Super Metroid however, is easily worth its 5.
    Yeah, but the TG-16 has nearly half of the games ever released on the system available. There's about 810 NES games according to Wikipedia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sagema
    Yeah, the TG-16 was awful. I was lucky enough to only get 3 of the best games the console had to offer. There's probably 5-10 total worth playing. The console only has 89 games on it! I guess what stopped me from buying any more than 2 games(came with Kieth Courage) was the SNES. Everytime I had cash, I got SNES games. They were worth every penny! Also by the time I was interested in buying more TG-16 games, the stores stopped carrying them.

    TG-16 taught me a valuable lesson. Unless you have 5 games you want for that console, 5 games you must have, don't bother buying the console. The 360 is 4/5 for me. Castlevania SOTN(Rented the PS1 game), Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD, Lost Planet, Marvel vs Capcom 2(Supposed to be backwards compatible).
    ahh... good old SNES I remember those days! I used all my money on em too

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