Well I didn't do one last week as I couldn't be arsed.

So heres this weeks downloads.

What we got was the following game


It is set in "the Fantasy Zone", a surreal world composed of bright colors and a checkerboard-styled ground. The enemies are also unique, featuring prehistoric animals, Chinese dragons, and alien pods. The player is forced along the levels, running or flying around enemy fire, while shooting back with fireballs via the character's under-arm cannon (which doubles as a rocket-esque device allowing the character to fly). The character graphics are sprite-based, though the level backgrounds are faux 3D.
And on Wiiware we got some crap called
Fish'em all - 800pts

Beat your own high scores, take on challenges and solve fun puzzles in a range of amazing stages full of colour and fantasy. Watch out for the dragon, the ninja-rat or the sumo-toad! Do you think it looks easy? This game will bring all the excitement of the great arcade classics to your console.
Space Harrier is a godly game of reactions and must be played (not the pre 32bit versions as there shity)