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    Ghostslayer & Mouse House reviews.

    My review on Ghostslayer & Mouse House for wiiware. Both are for 600 wii points.

    First Ghostslayer, When I booted this game up, i saw the screen very darm, well a dim lighting. heres the order "Mission, Highscore (is freaking pointless), Set up (setup is crap, you may only change the Sound and the Music volume) and credits.

    When I clicked on "Mission" there are two opinions, with or without the WMP. I only tried it with the WMP. Ghostsayer is a FPS (First person sword fighting or FPS (First person slayer). It's on rails.

    the Wiimote is very responsive I was kinda impressed. You control the sword just like in woo sports resort sword play. The health bar is just a round circular red dot. i ended my game in the middle of stage 1.

    Now for my review of Mouse House.

    When I first booted up this Mouse House game, I first saw a cute title screen, You play as mouse that needs or wants to get cheese, its like a point & click adventure game sort of. You take control of a mouse and click on Button A where you wanna move him or her also you can just use the D pad to move the mouse too.. You can pick what level you want to play on, the levels go from 1 to 50 or higher i believe.
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