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    I remember the orignal NES turtles on my granpa's Commodore 64, the instructions booklet had all the level codes in the middle, printed on this really weird brown card that we had to use a magnifying glass to see them with.
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    I would LOVE to play the original TMNT on VC! I'd bet it's in the works because of the aformentioned movie coming out.

    When it originally came out in the 80s, I got it for Christmas. It was sitting on top if the other presents come Christmas morning, my parents didn't even attempt to disguise it by putting wrapping it in a bigger box to throw me off (it was of course wrapped itself). They did it to torture me (in good fun), since my Mother had to work Christmas day, so they decided we'd open gifts AFTRE she got home from work. So I had a whole day of looking at my NES TMNT shaped box sitting on the top of the gift pile. Shear torture! It's actually one of my fondest Christmas memories today. I think I'm gonna pull that on my own kids soon.

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