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    Nintendo downloads aren't getting any better

    Nintendo has detailed the week's update for their online stores and things aren't looking so good. It's just that kind of time for them, I suppose. But if they're planning to launch yet another store for the 3DS, they should at least give their customers something to look forward to in the long run. This isn't a good example.

    Virtual Console


    Original platform: NES
    Publisher: Hudson Entertainment
    Players: 1
    ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) - Mild Fantasy Violence, Use of Tobacco
    Price: 500 Wii Points
    Description: You are an adventurer who has just returned to his hometown, the Elf town of Eolis, at the base of the World Tree. You find the village in peril: The Elven water supply has dried up, monsters are causing chaos and the once-proud Tree is slowly wilting. Equipped with the last of the King's money and the trust of the people, you set out to climb the World Tree, braving obstacles, fiends and dangers to discover the source of this corruption. Wield weapons and magic, get hints from townsfolk and experience a world of new environments as you ascend to the top of the world.


    Jewel Keepers: Easter Island

    Publisher: Nordcurrent
    Players: 1
    ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
    Price: 500 Wii Points
    Description: One day, world-renowned Easter Island expert Professor "H" received a strange letter from the capital city of Hanga Roa. It was a cry for help from an unknown person, saying that something bad was happening on the island. Without hesitation, the Professor, his assistant Joel and his granddaughter Ivie rushed to the island, where many puzzles, mysteries and quests awaited them. Can you help him to reveal the greatest secret of Easter Island?

    Cozy Fire

    Publisher: dtp young entertainment
    Players: 1
    ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
    Price: 500 Wii Points
    Description: We all long for a cozy open fire, particularly during the cold season. But not everyone is able to snuggle in front of a warming blaze. The WiiWare service opens the door for a fireplace to fill the room with a magical and cozy atmosphere. Select from a variety of logs and use the Wii Remote controller to stack them up. Next, light the virtual match and your home will soon be snug and glowing. Choose from six available fireplaces: fire alone, campfire, rustic, classic, elegant and Zen. Poke and tend the fire to keep it going. Add more logs to keep the fire burning, just like a real fire. Want to just sit back and relax? In Butler mode, new logs will be placed on the fire automatically, and the logs never burn down in Non-stop mode.

    Rage of the Gladiator (demo version)

    Publisher: Ghostfire Games
    Players: 1
    ESRB Rating: T (Teen) - Animated Blood, Alcohol Reference, Violence
    Price: 0 Wii Points; full version available for 1,000 Wii Points
    Description: Rage of the Gladiator is a fantasy-based fighting game in which you must fight for your life in the arena. Prove yourself by conquering all opponents. Features include: amazing 3D graphics, animation, lighting, shadows and special effects. With full voice acting, each boss has its own personality and taunts you mercilessly. Use insane finishing moves - summon a fiery meteor or a savage tornado, or transform into a hulking colossus 10 times your size. Customize your character and specialize in skill trees - Offense, Defense or Magic - to gain new powers. Enjoy masterpieces of blood-pumping music by legendary composer Sean Beeson. Beat the game to unlock Challenge Mode, where bosses are much tougher. The game also supports the Wii MotionPlus accessory.

    Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 1 (demo version)

    Publisher: Lexis Numérique
    Players: 1
    ESRB Rating: EC (Early Childhood)
    Price: 0 Wii Points; full version available for 500 Wii Points
    Description: Welcome to the first fun, poetic brain-trainer for children aged 3 to 6. With the PooYoos, a merry band of adorable baby animals, children will have fun while learning development basics like numbers, letters, lateralization, shapes and colors. Children get to dance with their new friends and receive lovely interactive rewards. There are two levels of interactivity, so any child can play. This game has been designed for use by children who have not yet grasped reading.



    Publisher: Genterprise Inc.
    Players: 1
    ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
    Price: 200 Nintendo DSi Points
    Description: Use your drifting technique to gracefully slide past the competition. Steering around corners lowers your speed, so it's all about choosing the best course line and being able to use your drifting skills with precision. At the start of each three-lap race, conditions for winning will be displayed. After that, it's up to you and your speed-demon prowess to drift through the Grand Prix and steal first place. Choose between EASY, NORMAL and HARD difficulty levels - perfect for beginners and advanced racers alike.

    Arctic Escape

    Publisher: Teyon
    Players: 1
    ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
    Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points
    Description: Take control of a bunch of penguins that are always getting into all sorts of trouble. A cunning scientist abducted them from Antarctica, and now they need your help to get back home. Lead them safely through more than 100 frosty levels by using commands such as walking, jumping and waiting. Guide them to avoid broken ice areas, falling cages, wolves and other dangerous obstacles. This special top-down-view puzzle game is easy to pick up but impossible to put down.

    Remote Racers

    Publisher: QubicGames
    Players: 1
    ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) - Mild Cartoon Violence
    Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points
    Description: Select one of eight vehicles: Speeder, Monster, Candy, Dozer, Tank, Stunt, Mantis and Rocket. Race against AI or the clock on 15 great tracks. Jump in the garden, drift through the cellar, ride on the beach and dive in the ocean. Use power-ups and transform your vehicle to gain an advantage over your opponents. Complete 32 challenges in eight Championships.
    Via CVG
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    its not that the downloads aren't getting any better its just the wii over here in North America plain and simply sucks when it comes to games. downloads, CHANNELS, etc

    the japanese have 200x better then what we have trust me i know
    I bought Mario party 2 off of my jappanese wii shop channel

    though i obviously didn't leave the game in japanese [i converted it to english]
    i was able to see all the good things they get

    NNID: hybrid_x1

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    can't complain if one of the games is good. faxanadu made the week worthwhile imo

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    chick chick boom keeps me happy, its a nice game. virtual console & such are pointless if you have the original games & systems, & you save a buck or 2!

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