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    Quote Originally Posted by nyk0n
    It crazy to think Nintendo couldn't have had a lot more VC titles at launch and launch daily not weekly.

    think of the load their servers must experience every monday when they release more.
    If they are running all the downloads from a partition on Miyamoto's office pc you might have a point. Anyone that can grasp network server scale knows that it is done everyday to a lot grander scale than what Nintendo would see. Think of the load on web-based email clients (hotmail, gmail, mail.com, etc) or even better shareware\freeware download sites (snapfiles, download.com, etc).
    Remember Nintendo is not giving away these VC's so not everyone is hitting the Wii shop every Monday with their Mom's credit card in hand. And one more thing if Nintendo is doing the Server infrastructure in house, they are stupid. Outsourcing the downloads to an established Server Farm that would barely register the Nintendo traffic amongst their other traffic would be the smartest move (one less thing for Nintendo to worry about).
    The hit on their servers has ZERO to do with why we donít have grade A VCís to download. And thatís a Fact.
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