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    so far it is the only download in the Nintendo 64 section, the copy I downloaded has no glitches, there is something odd on mine where there is a thin separation between surfaces on the connection of the X,Y, and Z axises where they meet, it's so thin though that you would hardly ever notice it, as a matter of fact, in some areas, the grapics seem to look better than the N64 version

    The person that told you that the emulator had problems probably had a problem with his connection and it didn't download right, I even have problems with my connection

    Yes, it is possible to use your wavebird, as a matter of fact, I perfer the wavebird, it's the only previous generation console controller that felt like it was a wired controller, no skips or jumps, the funny thing is I had more problems with a wired controller (made my nintendo fall)

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    Works perfect for me.

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