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Thread: Survey! OMG!

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    I knew everyone I spoke to in North America is colourblind.

    Name: Emma Jacobsen
    Age: 17
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Occupation: Hooray college
    What do you like most in a girl: Boobs, clearly.
    Favorite thing on TV: PROJECTRUNWAY.
    Favorite Sport: Probably cricket.
    Favorite Artist: Alphonse Mucha
    Favorite Movie: Iunno. D;
    Favorite Food: Pizza? Sugar if not.
    Favorite Band / Music Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
    Height: 5'4 and I don't care what that is in metres.
    Favorite Animal: Penguin.
    Favorite Color: Green.
    Favorite instrument: Theremin.
    Biggest Fear: Spiders.
    Element: Earth.
    Favorite Gum: Of the bubble variety.
    Favorite Video Game Ever: Mario Kart something.
    Favorite Favorite: Favourite.
    Name to call your kid: Anna ;D

    Go for that one, girls.
    I love you, Adam.

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    Name: Fox Schweitzer
    Age: 20
    Hair Color: Med.Brown
    Occupation: Laminator
    What do you like most in a girl/guy: Opend mind/nice ass
    Favorite thing on TV: Futurama
    Favorite Sport: Hockey
    Favorite Artist: Alex Cockburn
    Favorite Movie: Out Cold
    Favorite Food: Pizza
    Favorite Band / Music Artist: Iron Maiden
    Height: 6'2"
    Favorite Animal: Rat
    Favorite Color: Navy Blue
    Favorite instrument: Air Guitar
    Biggest Fear: Heights
    Element: Water
    Favorite Gum: Trident
    Favorite Video Game Ever: *shrugs* Sonic 2?
    Favorite Favorite: Favorite Animal
    Name to call your kid: Don't have one
    Favorite non-carbonated beverage: Water
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    Name: King Wiired
    Age: 18
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Occupation: Sixth form
    What do you like most in a girl: Best of both
    Favorite thing on TV: Skins
    Favorite Sport: Football
    Favorite Artist: Ecstatic
    Favorite Movie: barely watch movies.. Be Cool (;
    Favorite Food: Chicken salad with mash potattoessss
    Favorite Band / Music Artist: Outkast
    Height: 6 foot 4
    Favorite Animal: Kangaroo
    Favorite Color: I'm colourblind, though it varies.
    Favorite instrument: Piano/keyboard
    Biggest Fear: Sadness of loved ones
    Element: Fire obvs, charmander.
    Favorite Gum: Juicy Fruit
    Favorite Video Game Ever: Fifa 09
    Favorite Favorite: Favourite
    Name to call your kid: Chloe for a girl, no idea for a boy.
    Favorite non-carbonated beverage: Water
    Hairstyle: Middle length, straightened.

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    Name: C.J.
    Age: 16
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Occupation: High School Junior
    What do you like most in a girl: Personality, pretty face
    Favorite thing on TV: LOST
    Favorite Sport: Fencing
    Favorite Artist: Greg Berg :P
    Favorite Movie: a TON...V for Vendetta, Across the Universe, Dark Knight, e.t.c
    Favorite Food: Mashed Potatoes
    Favorite Band / Music Artist: The Beatles?
    Height: 5'11''
    Favorite Animal: Monkey
    Favorite Color: Green
    Favorite instrument: Drums
    Biggest Fear: Chocking under pressure
    Element: Air
    Favorite Gum: Orbit
    Favorite Video Game Ever: Sly Cooper
    Favorite Favorite: Favorite
    Name to call your kid: For a girl, Annabeth, an for a guy, Calvin
    Favorite non-carbonated beverage: Lemonade
    Hairstyle: Middle length, curls up a little at the end around the ears
    Hometown: Manhatten, New York City, NY
    I Used To Be a King

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    Name: Kyle
    Age: 22
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Occupation: Unemployed
    What do you like most in a girl: Personality
    Favorite thing on TV: Lost, Battlestar Galactica
    Favorite Sport: They're all crap
    Favorite Artist: Salvador Dali or Giorgio de Chiricho
    Favorite Movie: Oldboy
    Favorite Food: Noodles
    Favorite Band / Music Artist: Cul de Sac
    Height: 5' 6''
    Favorite Animal: Chimpanzee
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite instrument: Sitar
    Biggest Fear: Being unable to think or act for myself
    Element: Uranium
    Favorite Gum: Don't care
    Favorite Video Game Ever: Super Metroid
    Favorite Favorite: Fave?
    Name to call your kid: Boy - Liam or Sean, Girl - Jennifer or Emma
    Favorite non-carbonated beverage: Milk
    Hairstyle: A bit long, curls up slightly.
    Hometown: Cardiff, Wales
    Eye colour: Blue-green

    I never add friend codes.

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    I'm so bored, so why not.

    Name: Lewi
    Age: 20
    Hair Colour: Dark brown
    Occupation: Student
    What do you like most in a girl: Perfection
    Favourite thing on TV: Lost
    Favourite Sport: Footy, the real footy
    Favourite Artist: Undecided
    Favourite Movie: Rather than naming loads, I'll name none. There's too many
    Favourite Food: Rather than naming loads, I'll name none. There's too many
    Favourite Band / Music Artist: Undecided
    Height: 5' 10''
    Favourite Animal: Lion
    Favourite Colour: Red
    Favourite instrument: Piano
    Biggest Fear: Not having anything, or anyone
    Element: Tin
    Favourite Gum: Don't have one
    Favourite Video Game Ever: I'm just going to pull one of my favourites out - Ocarina of Time
    Favourite Favourite: Favourite
    Name to call your kid: Boy - Luca, Girl - Evy
    Favorite non-carbonated beverage: Apple juice
    Hairstyle: Crazy
    Hometown: Wallasey, England
    Eye colour: Changes
    Foot size: 9/10

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    Name: Eric
    Age: 24
    Hair Colour: brown
    Occupation: retired
    What do you like most in a girl: eyes
    Favourite thing on TV: law and order CI
    Favourite Sport: hockey,
    Favourite Artist: Tori
    Favourite Movie: Pootie Tang
    Favourite Food: Hamburgers
    Favourite Band / Music Artist: Bright Eyes
    Height: 6
    Favourite Animal: Green Iguana
    Favourite Colour: neon green
    Favourite instrument: acoustic guitar
    Biggest Fear: solitary confinement
    Favourite Element: Ph
    Favourite Gum: trident splash - fruity ones
    Favourite Video Game Ever: Wave Race 64
    Favourite Favourite: morons
    Name to call your kid: anna, Eli
    Favorite non-carbonated beverage: grapefruit juice
    Hairstyle: mullet
    Hometown: niagara
    Eye colour: one pupil blown out, the other with a torn iris
    Foot size: 10
    Preffered Sense to lose: smell
    Wii Games: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Heatseeker, Excite Truck, Wii Play, NHL 2k9, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Strikers Charged, Shaun White Snowboarding, The Bigs, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Ghost Squad, Call of Duty: World at War, Wii Sports Resort, Punch-out!

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    Name: Kevin
    Age: 15
    Hair Colour: Blonde
    Occupation: Student (I do work at a library, it sucks)
    What do you like most in a girl: Personality
    Favourite thing on TV: LOST
    Favourite Sport: Baseball
    Favourite Artist: N.A.
    Favourite Movie: Scarface
    Favourite Food: Snow Crab Legs w/ Melted Butter
    Favourite Band / Music Artist: Led Zeppelin
    Height: 6'1"
    Favourite Animal: Dog
    Favourite Colour: Blue
    Favourite instrument: Electric guitar (No I don't play)
    Biggest Fear: (potential) World War 3
    Favourite Element: Nitrogen
    Favourite Gum: Stride Forever Fruit
    Favourite Video Game Ever: Halo 3
    Favourite Favourite: Favorite
    Name to call your kid: Jack or Zach
    Favorite non-carbonated beverage: Cranberry Juice
    Hairstyle: Straight and semi-long
    Hometown: Waldwick, NJ
    Eye colour: Hazel
    Foot size: 12 1/2
    Preffered Sense to lose: Smell
    Favorite country: United States of America

    Playstation Network: yanks96
    Steam I.D: yankees96
    Xbox LIVE: dotKev
    Xfire: yanks96
    My Twitter Account

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    Name: Mitchell Hall
    Age: 20
    Hair Color: Brown
    Occupation: Photo Lab Clerk
    What do you like most in a girl: Personality
    Favorite thing on TV: Only watch TV to fall asleep
    Favorite Sport: Football
    Favorite Artist: N.A.
    Favorite Movie: Equilibrium or V for Vendetta
    Favorite Food: Pizza
    Favorite Band / Music Artist: P.O.D.
    Height: 5'11"
    Favorite Animal: Dog
    Favorite Color: Dark Blue
    Favorite instrument: Guitar
    Biggest Fear: Being on stage giving a speech
    Favorite Element: Water
    Favorite Gum: Double Mint
    Favorite Video Game Ever: Zelda Ocarina of Time
    Favorite Favorite: Favorite
    Name to call your kid: "Hey Kid!"
    Favorite non-carbonated beverage: Grape Poweraid
    Hairstyle: Medium length and kinda messy
    Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
    Eye color: Hazel
    Foot size: 14 EEEE
    Proffered Sense to lose: Smell
    Favorite country: United States of America
    Favorite game system of all time: Xbox 360
    Moderator @ Wii Chat
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    Name: Jaden
    Age: 14
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Occupation: Student
    What Do You Like Most in a Girl: Personality. I don't like bitches.
    Favourite thing on TV: ...Simspons?
    Favourite Sport: N/A
    Favourite Artist: N/A
    Favourite Movie: Don't have one.
    Favourite Food: Pepperoni Pizza.
    Favourite Band / Music Artist: Muse / Scatman
    Height: 5'5"
    Favourite Animal: Cat
    Favourite Color: Green
    Favourite instrument: ...Uhh... Trumpet.
    Biggest Fear: Death, of course.
    Favourite Element: Aluminum. ;D
    Favourite Gum: ...Extra? I really don't care.
    Favourite Video Game Ever: GTA4
    Favourite Favourite: That one favorite.
    Name to call your kid: Dal! (just kidding, I'd let my wife decide)
    Favorite non-carbonated beverage: Water
    Hairstyle: Long and sometimes curly
    Hometown: Port Angeles, WA
    Eye colour: Bluegreen
    Foot size: 9
    Preffered Sense to Lose: Smell
    Favorite Country: ...USA?
    Favorite game system of all time: All time = Gamecube. Currently = PS3.
    Favorite random thing: Taco.
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    ^Thanks Monsteroids^

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