i've been writing a story in my spare time. i figured i could put the prologue here and see peoples opinions of it. It's titled Chronicles:Resurrection
"So tell me, how'd you meet him?"
"Well, it happened ten years ago. He saved me, my best friend, and my city. And he made a promise to me..."
"Come on Thomas! You don't wanna get caught do ya?"
"Wait up Kyle your faster than me!"
There was a white building with some faded lettering on a sign. From the left of the building came two kids running as fast as they could, each carrying a metal white board. "Now Thomas! Activate your board and follow me!"
A young boy with messy brown hair pressed a red button on his board. He threw it to the ground and hopped on. The board glowed blue and then rose into the air and flew off. He was quickly followed by a boy with a black bowl cut and glasses. The two of the flew for a few blocks before landing behind a large black building. "So Thomas, you ready to play?"
Thomas landed and adjusted his glasses. He was wearing a dirty white and blue striped shirt and some very old blue jeans. His black tennis shoes had a few holes here and there showing his feet inside. He scratched his head through his black hair and looked at the other boy with a worried look. "But Kyle, we're ditching. We could get in big trouble if we get caught by her men."
Kyle ran his hands through his messy brown hair. He had a tattered old tan colored shirt on and some faded blue jean shorts on. His black sandals looked as though they would break in a few seconds. "Nah, her men won't find us. We're just that awsome. I mean, we got away with these new hoverboards easily right?"
Thomas sighed, "Yeah but aren't you worried or scared even a little?" Kyle puffed out his chest. "No way! If we got scared of everything we would've stayed back there instead of coming here. You really need to lighten up Thomas. Now come on, let's play." They picked up there hoverboards and went around to the front of the building. It was the only building on the block that looked like it had a regular stream of income. Every other building had faded signs and paint that was peeling in certain parts. The building there were going in strangely didn't have a sign. Inside the building it was revealed to be an arcade. Fighting games, shooting games, racing games, any kind of games you could think of. The two kids went and got some tokens before heading to a shooting game. Entering their tokens they started the game.

They played for a few hours until it happened. "Thomas, you shoot right and I'll shoot left!"
"Yeah!" They were on the final boss. They were easily shooting down its attacks and hitting its weak points. Suddenly they missed a move.
"Thomas, here's our last dollar! Go get tokens! Hurry!"
"Come on, Thomas hurry!"
"Ok, I got the tokens!"
"Well then hurry back! We're almost out of time!"
"Her-whoa!" Thomas fell to the ground, tokens going everywhere.
"No! Thomas you idiot, grab them!" Both Kyle and Thomas franticlly searched the floor and grabbed what tokens they could.
"We need one more! Have you found one yet?"
"Got it! Quick, put them in the game!"
The kids fell to the ground. "Aw man. We almost beat the game." Kyle got angry and turned to Thomas. "Why'd you drop the tokens? We almost did it!" Thomas just looked down and in a sad voice said, "I'm sorry. I just tripped. It was an acident. Honest." Kyle got up and grabbed his board. "Yeah well what good is it now. We may as well go home. It's almost time anyways." Thomas got up and followed him outside. "Yeah. I wonder what our parents will think of us ditching?" The two were about to get on their boards when suddenly a man grabbed them both by their shirts. "So this is where you two were hiding. Shoulda known a couple brats wanted their games. Come on. Mistress is very angry at you two." Both boys froze instantly. "Mistress?" they said in unison. They turned to face the man. He had a helmet on that only left his mouth uncovered. He wore all black, black shirt, black pants, black boots, black gloves, a black gun strapped to his waist. "Yep," he answered, "Mistress wants to punish you personally." Thomas began to panic. "Oh please not her! Anybody but her! Please I beg you!" Kyle though instead of begging, quickly punched him in the groin. The man dropped to his knees and doubled over in pain. Kyle quickly got on his board and flew off, staying low to the ground so he would be faster. Suddenly Thomas was right behind him.
"Kyle! You just hit an Enforcer! Are you insane!" Kyle looked back. "No. I'm just not gonna go to her. I don't care what happens, I won't go to her!"
"Look out!" Thomas yelled. "Huh?" Kyle suddenly knew what Thomas meant. He turned around just in time to crash into a man. Surprisingly the man didn't even flinch. "Are you ok, little one?" Kyle looked up to see the man holding his board. He wore a tan hooded cloak that hid everything about him. Kyle was suddenly scared.
The stranger reached down and picked him up and placed him on his feet. "Are you alright?" Kyle looked at him a little fear showing in his face. "Uh, yeah. Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going." The stranger smiled and handed him his board. "Well make sure you pay attention next time, alright?" Kyle's fear went away, he realized the man wasn't going to hurt him. "Ok mister."
"Stop right there!" Kyle and the stranger looked back. Thomas was desperately trying to run from the man in black from before. His hoverboard was a few feet back with a hole straight through the middle. "Kyle! Run!" The Enforcer quickly shot at Thomas's legs. Thomas went down fast holding his right foot. Kyle ran over to him but before he could do anything the Enforcer was there. "Now to pay you back for that hit, you little brat!" Kyle stood up and spread his arms while standing between the Enforcer and Thomas. "Leave him alone! I'm the one that hit you." The Enforcer chuckled a bit. "Who said I was gonna shoot him?" The Enforcer pulled the trigger and Kyle closed his eyes.
"You know, picking on kids isn't very nice." Kyle opened his eyes to see that the stranger had pushed the gun up at the last moment. The Enforcer was furious but instead of trying again he turned his attention to the one who stopped him. "And who the hell are you?" The stranger moved between the Enforcer and the kids. "Me? I'm just a drifter passing through."
"Then hurry and pass through. These kids aren't any of your buisness." The stranger nodded his head. "True they're not. But I'm a guy with values. I value the worth of a childs life. I'm not going to let you hurt them." The Enforcer grinned, "I wasn't gonna kill 'em. Just hurt 'em and drag them to mistress." The stranger didn't move, "Well if this mistress is fine with hurting kids then I'm not going to let you take them to see her." The Enforcer pointed his gun at the strangers head. "And just what are you gonna do about it?"
"You're really set on this, huh? Well fine, I'll make you a deal. You get one free punch. Hit me as hard as you can. If I make even the slightest wince of pain, I'll not only let you take the kids but I'll bring them myself." At this Kyle started to tell, "Hey wait a minute you can't just decide for us! You're not our-" The stranger cut him off, "But if I don't make any noise then you leave without them. Agreed?" The Enforcer chuckled, "A free hit, eh? Well fine. Take this!" The Enforcer pulled his right arm back and punched the stranger in the chest as hard as he could. The stranger didn't budge, or make the slightest indication that he even felt the hit. The Enforcer however pulles his arm back screaming in pain. "What the hell is under that cloak? It felt like I just punched metal. I think my hand is broken." The stranger laughed, "Oops, forgot to mention that I'm wearing armor. I kinda figured you'd punch me in the face." The Enforcer pointed his gun straight at the stranger. "This again?"
"Shut up! I'm gonna kill you and take the kids anyways. You should've just minded your own buisness." The Enforcer fired the gun, yet the stranger was gone. "Huh? Where'd he go?" The Enforcer looked around wildly trying to find him. "You know, maybe you should learn to aim before playing with dangerous little toys." The Enforcer spun around just in time to receive a knee in his gut. The stranger then punched him hard in the face. The Enforcer went flying back and landed six feet away. "Whoa." Both kids said in unison. They looked from the stranger then back to the Enforcer. "Now, you tell this mistress that she has one hour. Then I'll come to teach her proper manners." The Enforcer quickly got up and ran for his life.

"That was so cool! How'd you get behind him? Where'd you learn those moves? Did you really mean what you said?" Kyle was practically hoping around the stranger in happyness. "Whoa, calm down little one. Now tell me, why was he after you? And who's this mistress?" Kyle stopped, "You mean, you don't know?" The stranger shook his head, "I mentioned before I was just passing through til you bumped into me. I haven't been here for more than ten minutes." Kyle sat down on his board and lookes up at him. "Well this place is Turga City. The city is ruled by some mean lady named Claire. She makes everybody pay big taxes and if they can't they get sent to the dig camps. Last month my family couldn't pay so we got sent there. She makes everyone dig for gems in the mines, even kids and old people. If you can hold the tools you're forced to work. We ditched and stole these hoverboards so we could have some fun instead of being her slaves. That Enforcer was going to take us to her for punishment and then throw us back in the mines." The stranger stood up. "Well now that won't do. A leader should care for all their people not themselves. First we'll take your friend someplace he'll get treated, then you'll take me to these mines." The stranger picked up Thomas who had been quietly crying about his foot. Kyle hopped up and activated his board. "Ok. Follow me."
"And that's what happened."
"So you were beaten by some mere drifter?"
"Yes mistress." The Enforcer was bandaged and bowing down on a red carpet floor. He was speaking to a woman sitting in a throne of pure diamond. "He said in one hour he would come to teach you proper manners."
The woman tapped her purple nails on arm of her throne. "How much time has passed since?"
"About twenty minutes mistress."
"He'll probably head to the mines and free everybody first. Send a strike team there to boost security." The Enforcer nodded, "And you mistress?" The woman stoop up, "I'll deal with him myself."
"There! Those are the mines." Kyle was flying ahead on his hoverboard. The stranger was running behind him and easily keeping up. "So everybody is stuck in there?" Kyle nodded, "Yeah. It should be easy to get them out cause there's not... many... guards?" Suddenly a group of ten armed men came out from the mine entrance. Kyle stopped and hopped off his board. The stranger moved in front of him and stood there. "Seems they were waiting for me." One of the men stepped forward and yelled out to them. "We are under orders from the mistress, Lady Claire! You both are to surrender and come to her for punishment. We have been authorised to use deadly force. Now come forth with your hands in the air!" Kyle looked down and stepped forward raising his hands. Suddenly the stranger pushed him back. "Stay here and don't move a muscle." Kyle looked up at him and then looked at the men. "Do not try anything. Obey our commands and you will not be harmed."
"He's not going to listen boys. You may as well just shoot." The men turned to see a woman walking up. She was wearing a skin tight purple leather outfit with a large flowing purple cape. She had purple lipstick and eye shadow and black hair that went down her back. One of the men stepped forward and bowed to the woman. "Lady Claire! We did just as you commanded." She looked at him before turning her attention to Kyle and the stranger. "So your the ones causing this mess? Well can't say I'm impressed. You don't look all that dangerous." The stranger laughed, "And you must be Claire. Well it's nice to meet you. I was hoping you might start being a proper leader and treating your people with respect and dignity." Claire scowled at him, "Respect? Dignity? That's not how a leader should rule if they want obedience. They must have an iron-fist and exemplary power. I have both. Men, shoot him." The men raised their guns but the stranger had vanished once more. "Where'd he...?" Suddenly one of the men dropped down. Another two were quickly brought down by a fist to the face. Three more fell from a swift kick to the chest. Two more were taken out as one was thrown at the other. The last two had their heads banged together. The stranger stood up and looked towards Claire. "Well, are you impressed now?" Claire looked from him to her men then back to him. Her face showed utter fear. Without saying a word she ran away. The stranger quickly yelled to Kyle, "Hey kid, you free your people. I'll go get her." Suddenly he vanished. Kyle ran up annd grabbed some keys off one of the men. Then he ran inside, determined to free everyone.
Claire was panting heavily. She had started running as soon as she realized she couldn't beat him. Just who was he? she thought, And what's going to happen to me? She suddenly stopped running. The stranger was standing just three feet ahead of her. "Just who are you?! Who the hell are you!" Claire pulled out a knife from a hidden pocket and went to stab him but he caught her hand. "I am what people like you fear most. If you swear to leave this town right now, I'll let you go unharmed." Claire glared at him, "And if I refuse?"
"I let you back into town and all the people can do what they want with you." Claire thought it over. "I'll leave. Just let me get things from my-" The stranger cut her off. "No. You leave with what you have on you." He let go of Claire's wrist and stepped back. "At least show me who you are before you make me leave. I deserve that much." The stranger looked at her for a moment. "Fine." He reached up and pulled off his hood. Claire stepped back in shock. "You."
"Is everybody ok?" Kyle's question got multiple responses from all the people gathered outside the mine. Kyle was busy checking that everybody was ok when the stranger walked up. "Hey mister! Everybody, this is the guy that saved us." The stranger was instantly bombarded with thanks and offers from all the people. He was surrounded and saw no way to back out. Finally he jumped up high and landed outside the grateful mob. "People! I'm happy that your free and humbled by your thanks. But I can't stay. I was just passing through on my way to Capital City. I really should be going now." Some of the mob cheered thanks, others cheered for him to stay. Kyle tore himself away from the group and ran up to him. "Do you really have to go mister? Why don't you stay here?" The stranger knelt down so that he was eye level with Kyle. "Look little one, this isn't where I belong. I have a purpose in life that I must fufil. Your purpose right now is to stay here and grow up into a man. Someday you'll understand." Kyle stared into the hooded face of the stranger, "Then let me come with you. You could teach me those cool moves and I could help you out with whatever you need." The stranger shook his head. "No little one. You must stay here. I just said I have something I must do. Well that something is at Capital City. If you really want to see me then when you're old enough, come find me. Now I must go. This is goodbye." The stranger stoid up and said farewell to all the people before walking off in the direction of the capital. The people all cheered their thanks and good-byes as he left before they all turned back towards each other to figure out what should be done now that Claire was gone. Kyle though wouldn't take no for an answer. When the people weren't looking he grabbed his hoverboard and flew off after the stranger.
A light was flashing next to a blank screen. A gloved finger tapped the light and the screen flickered to life. There was text on the screen along with a picture. Then a voice was heard, deep and commanding. "A bounty, huh? Jet! Vira! We've got a job." Two voices replied in unison, "Yes, Lord Byron."
The surroundings were stone pillars in a barren wasteland. The landscape looked like this pretty much everywhere where a city wasn't. To power the cities, the life was drained from the surrounding landscape. It was through this that the stranger walked. In the sky above him, Kyle was following on his hoverboard. The stranger sighed and yelled out, "Go home kid. I'm not going to train you and you shouldn't look up to me." In an undertone that Kyle wouldn't hear he added, "Not after what I've done" Kyle pretended not to hear him thinking that if he didn't acknowledge the comment, the stranger would think he was getting paranoid. It didn't work. "Kid, either you go home or I'll make you go home." Yeah right. Even you can't get me up here mister. "You've got a minute kid." Kyle figured he was bluffing and continued moving above him. Towards the end of the minute the stranger just stopped. Is he gonna try to get me? The stranger looked up and crouched down as if to make a jump for Kyle. Suddenly Kyle's hoverboard was shot through. He started falling rapidly to the ground. He screamed for help and without missing a beat, the stranger leapt up and grabbed him. "You ok?" Kyle nodded. "Yeah, but how'd you shoot my board?" The stranger landed and stood Kyle behind him. "I didn't"
"Fast reaction time, incredible leap, tattered cloak and small boy. You're the one we're looking for." The stranger looked around.
"That voice! I know him!" he said in undertone.
"Hehe, he looks like he's still gonna be fun to play with."
"I know her voice to."
"Quit fooling around. This is a job not a playdate."
"So it's those three huh? Just great." There was an explosion in front of the stranger and Kyle. Kyle covered his eyes and looked away. When he looked back there was three people standing in the explosion crater. The one to thier left was a man with slicked blue hair. He wore a black tank that showed his muscles along with black pants and black combat boots. To thier right was a girl the couldn't have been older than 20. She wore a black short sleeve shirt as well as a black skirt that didn't reach past her knees. She had a ponytail made with her emerald green hair. The one in the middle though looked the most dangerous. He had short blond hair and black gloves on his hands. he wore a gold shirt with a black jacket over it. His black jeans were torn in a couple places. The stranger stepped forward but still made sure Kyle was behind him.

"So this what you three do now? Attack children? I thought you of all people were better than that, Byron." The man in the middle stepped forward. "Don't worry, I am better than that. Jet's the one that shot at him." The man to Byrons left laughed. "And I almost hit him to. I just need a bit more practice." The woman simply crossed her arms. "We're here on a job. That's what you said not even one minute ago. Sound familiar!?" Jet backed up a bit. "Geez lighten up Vira." Byron stepped forward, "Anyways, we're here for you." The stranger didn't move or even sound surprised, "So how much did she offer you?" Byron showed no surprise that he knew, "You could put it better as what she's offering everyone. She didn't hire us, she place a bounty on your head. The highest bounty in history. Her entire trillion fortune, all for your head." The stranger looked back at Kyle. "You may want to leave kid." Kyle however shook his head and ran up to Byron. "This mister is a nice guy. You leave him alone!" All three laughed, "You say we've gone low? You gonna let some kid fight for you?" The stranger stayed silent. "Look kid, he's not a nice guy. Believe me, I know him personally. Isn't that right? Death Demon?" Kyle looked back at the stranger. "There... there was a reason... a reason I didn't want you to follow me." The stranger pulled back his hood and Kyle finally got to see the face of his hero. He had pointed ears and spiked red hair. His eyes were pure red, the whites, the pupils, all blood red. Kyle recognized the features from the stories. A demon that slaughtered thousands in the last two of the four great wars. He single-handly destroyed a three-thousand man army in just seven minutes. His atrocities were legendary. No one that ever stood before him lived to see another day. The man was a monster.
Kyle saw this and tears welled in his eyes, his hero was a villan. Kyle ran off crying while the demon looked at the ground with a solemn look. "Aw, cheer up Demon. You'll be dead soon." The demon looked up and glared at Byron. "No. I've still got something I must do before I die."

Kyle was running home. His hero was actually one of the greatest evils known to the planet. As he ran he couldn't help but remember. He always spoke in a calm and friendly voice. He only disabled all the men, never causing a permanent injury. He saved his entire town, and wanted nothing in return. Kyle stopped running and turned back. His hero wasn't a villan. Whoever he may have been, he wasn't that way now. Just as Kyle realized that, one of the stone pillars to his left was shattered. From the rubble, the demon stood up. He had lost his cloak and was wearing a full suit of black and red armor. Suddenly Byron appeared with a gold sword and slashed. The demon dodged and jumped back only for Jet to come up and attack with a blue spear. The demon kicked it away and went for a kick but was parried by the kick of Vira wearing black guantlets and shinguards of metal. It continued with the demon only dodging and parrying for several minutes.
Suddenly Byron was hit with a rock in the back of his head. He turned to see Kyle throw another which he caught and crushed in his hand. But the opening was all the demon needed. In two swift hits Jet was down unconcious. A few blows later and Vira was doubled over in pain. Byron turned and attacked with his sword but the demon appeared behind him with a strong kick. All three were down. Byron coughed up some blood. "Leave Byron. Don't force me to kill you." Byron glared at him before running over to Jet and Vira. "Just remember this isn't over!" He muttered a few words and suddenly the three of them vanished in a golden light. Kyle ran up to the demon. They stared at each other for a moment before the demon looked away. "Is it true? Are you the Death Demon?" The demon merely nodded, unable to bring himself to speak.
"Cool!" The demon looked back in shock. Kyle was smiling from ear to ear. "That is so cool! I helped the legendary Death Demon!" Kyle was practically dancing in joy.
The demon smiled and knelt down. "How old are you kid? And what's your name?"
Kyle quickly turned and answered. "I'm Kyle. I'm only eight years old."
The demon smiled, "Eight huh? Well tell you what, how would you like to be trained as a warrior?"
Kyle's grin got bigger, if that was even possible to begin with. "You mean it?"
The demon nodded. "Yep, I'll train you. Just not yet."
Kyle suddenly looked confused. "Huh?"
"You're too young right now. So I'll make you this promise. In ten years, come find me in Capital City. Have some sword skill and a way to fly then find me. I'll test you and if you pass my test, I promise to train you."
Kyle held out his hand. "Its a promise?" he said with a smile on his face.
The demon smiled and shook his hand. "Promise."
It's been ten years. A teen with scruffy brown hair and worn blue clothes grabs a large white hoverboard and a sword in a black sheath and heads out the door. "Time to fufil a promise."
this is an original story written by me. this is the prologue to part 1 of a 4 part story.
i've already typed the rest of part 1 on another forum.
here's the link--Chronicles:Resurrection